October 11, 2012

over-overdue ZenMagick update

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It’s been a long long time sine I last wrote about what is happening with ZenMagick.
For the most part the reason for this is that I haven’t been working on ZenMagick for the last – uhm 3 month or so.

Having said that, this doesn’t mean the project is stalled or abandoned. Quite the opposite – there have been more (and more drastic) changes to ZenMagick that ever. Johnnny has been VERY busy converting ZenMagick to a mostly full blown symfony 2 application.

I hope to be back into coding soon and there is definitely a release planned (don’t ask me what version number that will be, but it might be a 1.0 [at least it would deserve it]).

Changes are too numerous to list here. Let me just mention that we do use HttpKernel, a lot of the ZenMagick code has been moved into bundles and the doctrine ORM is mostly ready for action.
I’d prefer to be more specific, however I too have some catching up to do! For all interested the best way to keep track of what is happening is to follow the ZenMagick git commit logs (if you look carefully at the url, you’ll notice that the source now is owned by the ZenMagick organization on github…)

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